Thursday, May 31, 2007

A couple of folks have expressed an interest in joining our weekly Chades (CHAracter DESign) Challenges, so I'll be posting the weekly subject on this here blog for everyone to see. Two different sketcheteers will be choosing the words (a noun and adjective) on a friday, and we'll have a week to do as many drawings on the subject as possible. On the following friday, we'll all post our art on our own blogs, this way people will go to eachother's blogs more often to check out what's new, promoting community and all that jazz. I'll post a list of people who participate each week so you know where to hunt for inspiration. After we've all seen eachother's drawings of glory (and allotted the appropriate compliments and reprimands), we will have one more week on that same subject too push it and 'borrow' eachother's designs to explore them as thoroughly as possible. On the following friday, we'll post the final drawings on the subject, and two new artists will elect a new theme. Capiche?

Check in tomorrow for 'Deformed Sorcerers' from
  • Vi-Dieu Nguyen

  • Rob Thompson

  • Austin Madison
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    Tarabeeh said...

    hello Mr Austin nice to see your blog it have a beautiful art drawings, I like the magician man it looks so funny !!!
    I'll be waiting to see the scketch U said about!!, and thank u for sharing these darwings ..