Friday, August 03, 2007

Sorry for the leave of absence there, everybody. I was trying to solve a rubix cube. The new Chades Challenge is FURRY MARIONETTES! Thanks to Leo Matsuda and Scott Cook for their absurd verbage.


Josh (musarter) said...

Your back. This should be an interesting one. I hope to see many entries.
Have you seen this:
Look on the right side for a current "challenge." It is similar to "Chades" in many ways. There is some good art here, though not necessarilly charactor design.

lissa said...

furry marionettes, eh?
that can go in so many directions!
I dig it. said...

Rubix cube? Did you finish it, or did it finish you - or did you just peel the stickers off like everyone else?

Josh (musarter) said...

I got a couple up for "Furry Marionette." I look forward to seeing more sketches across the board.


Once again, I will try. I hope your doing well man. If you were down here I'd ask you to come to the Gilroy premier screening. I hope your kicking ass man.