Monday, July 14, 2008

Dungeons and Shenanigans, Part II
Still going strong with the 4th edition, which I really don't recommend to gamers. Our party is lucky enough to have an awesome DM, who makes the dumbed-down rules enjoyable. One of the players has compiled our sketches into The Seasoned Adventurer's Sketchbook. The drawings chronicled below were done by Emma and myself. I'm not going to tell you which ones she did because, frankly, I think they're funnier than mine, so I'm going to claim that they were all a team effort.
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Why not to tie two dwarves to a dragon-born.

Bemdrock, the wizard, learns not to blow his daily power so early in the game.

Remember, adventurers, the point of the game isn't to win the skirmish, it's to have fun. Right guys? Right?

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Why Edward Juan? said...

so much violence!!!!! entertaining though.