Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nerd Fan-Art
I've been talking with friends about how great it would be to see a run of X-Men comics set when the series began in 1963, focusing on the assassination of JFK and the whole civil rights movement seen through the allegory of mutants like the X-Men. We figured a great villain for the first story arch would be Nimrod, a precursor to the Sentinels. It's a cool challenge, trying to get that 60s robot feel, while keeping him fairly scary looking. To re-cap: my last two posts have been about Dungeons and Dragons and the X-Men.


intergalactic said...

You are a sad, sad little man.


Justin Hunt said...

Nimrod is awesome!
Your new design looks cool man.

Josh (musarter) said...

You walk a fine line.

Cool character design. You and your friends sound like you have a cool idea for a series.

Leo Matsuda said...

Hey Austin, great character, man! How about the CHADES CHALLENGE? Aren't you gonna challenging us for one more?

Leo Matsuda said...

How about I'm giving the second word?

Alex Fleisig said...

there is an xmen comic series called xmen first class... that only started about a year ago... i'm not sure exactly what time period it takes place in... but its all about when the xmen first started... when it was just cyclops iceman jean grey beast and angel... you might like it... if you haven't seen it already