Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Belated Easter!
I joined a video ministry at my church, and this is our first film. My primary contributions were storyboarding and helping to direct the actors. All of our actors were friends from church, so there are some dramatically inappropriate smiles here and there, but I'm proud that we were able to shoot this entire thing in six hours, and very thankful to everyone who contributed. God definitely blessed us with an enthusiastic crew. We have the film posted at our youtube channel, NCBVid, with more to come.

The Prisoner, directed by Kerwin Kuniyoshi


Anthony Holden said...

Thanks for the very appropriate Easter message.

David Bernal said...

Happy Easter! & thanks for the awesome video!

Josh (musarter) said...

What a great video; a great illustration/parable. Nice work by all involved.

I hope yours was good.

Danielle said...

Loved it! Didn't even notice the smiles...really!

flaviano said...

hi man! how you doing with your afterworks comic? i can't wait.
take care ;)