Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In any creative community, there should be a healthy amount of mocking. Among artists, the favored form is caricatures. Here at Pixar, we've had a caricature wall for quite a while. It's been a main attraction in our department and a major impetus for quality drawings (however cruel). Here are some of the best of yours truly. It's great how each drawing defines the relationship of the artist-and-subject just as much as it defines the person being caricatured.

By Victor Navone:
By Bobby Podesta:
By Emma Coats:

What I get from these is that I smile a lot and need a haircut ;)


Anonymous said...

where can we soliciate information on that strange looking fellow in the last one, i want to help bring him to justice.

Team Diana said...

I was going to say haircut too.