Monday, August 16, 2010

Satan's Cess Pool

No, Satan's Cell Pool is not a new name for my blog. It's a white water rapid that I blasted through with some friends this weekend. I'm proud to say that courageous young lady getting launched off the front of the vessel is my girlfriend, Sarah. She will be missed.

I had so much fun, I had to sketch it the next day at church. And, yes, my sketchbook is always with me at church. Jesus gives me some of my best ideas!


aspoor said...

hahaha, the GIF of the moment is simply amazing!!!

from the person pointing as she flys out... to the person with their oar over their head (looks like you), on the right side front of the raft...

simply awesome!

Zane Yarbrough said...

haha nice, I have actually been there it is so much fun I managed to hang on when I went through but i have seen lots of people wipe out on that rapid

Chris Palmer said...

She was brave to be sitting on the front of the raft like that!

Looks crazy. What river?

Carmen Hannibal said...

Cool Austin, looks like a lot of fun! Guess somebody had to sacrifice for your great adventure in Satan's river! I send you an e-mail two weeks ago by the way, but I'm not sure if you got it, please let me know because if you didn't I like to send it again -Carmen, who you met shortly at Pixar with Valerie. My e-mail adress is:

Josh (musarter) said...

Based on her position on the raft she should have expected to take flight. Was that the intention?

Church sketches are always some of the best; it is the perfect amount of time to get down an idea.

You should check out the animations of NPR's StoryCorps:
They are touching in ways that only animation can be.