Sunday, September 05, 2010

Rex Appeal

The Oakland Airport is putting together a Pixar exhibit in October and a few of us animators were invited to contribute strips of animation for the zoetrope display. We were given the option to draw original characters instead of sticking with the Pixar catalogue, so I did this baby rex walk cycle.


Randall Sly said...


With the amount of Dinosaur drawings I see on your blog is it safe to assume that you are helping out with the Discovery Channel / Pixar "Reign of the Dinosaurs"?

Just wondering, I am really excited to see it. I am sure if you are on it you can't talk much about it.

Munchanka said...

Howdy Randall! Good guess, but sadly no. It's not even Pixar-related, the series is being done entirely at Discovery Channel.

I went to the Reign of Dinosaurs panel at Comic Con, though, and was happy to see my friends Iain and Mishi McCaig as well as fellow dino-philes David Krentz and Ricardo Delgado. So our prehistoric pals are in good hands.