Friday, October 15, 2010

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This guy (or is it these guys?) are the original Incredible Hulk. I'm surprised there isn't a more literal film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic. Personally, I'd love to see someone as lovable as Fred Astaire, Dick Van Dyke, or Jack Lemmon (the basis of these sketches) as the good doctor.

This would be a great film for motion capture, as you could slightly alter the actor's physiognomy to get more monstrous proportions. My Hyde still has a bit of Astaire, Van Dyke, and Lemmon, but also a definite nod to Willem Dafoe and the late, great Marty Feldman. Who would you cast as Jekyll and Hyde?

Addendum 10.22.10
Zane Yarbrough has contributed some fantastically fiendish Jekylls and Hydes:

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Josh (musarter) said...

This is awesome. I just reread the Stevenson story.

Marty, Defoe or even Steve Buschemi would be great for Hyde. I got the impression that, in contrast to popular opinion, Hyde was the shell of a man and not large in stature which makes him unlike the hulk in appearance.

Jekyll would have to be some one that could be jovial/friendly and transform to be paranoid and off-putting. Lemmon or James Stewart would be great. Contemporary actors could be Gabriel Byrne, Jeff Bridges or I dare say circa 12 Monkeys Brad Pitt.

Alina Chau said...