Monday, January 10, 2011

My New Year's resolution last year was to learn how to cook. Aside from a botched batch of chili and the occasional lumpy pancake, I didn't get that far. This year, however, I'm all over the kitchen. My girlfriend even invited me to her parents' for New Year's Eve to help them cook up some lobster.

This was our thank you card to her folks, letting them know that our little lobster pals made it safely to crustacean heaven.

If you guys have any recipe recommendations, send 'em in. If I try your dish out, I'll post the results.

50 days...
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Ariel said...

where did you get that awesome shirt you are wearing in the lobster photo??

Vi-Dieu said...


Munchanka said...

Ariel- it's from They have plenty of awesome tees, enjoy!