Monday, April 04, 2011

TERRORDACTYL, page 4 of 11

Featured in this week's page: Elasmosaurus

Available this Summer in paperback through Afterworks III and digitally through the Whamix app. Next Monday, page 5: "Jurassic Parkour"

I'm more excited than ever for Afterworks III to hit the shelves after this weekend's WonderCon. Let me tell you, it was a wretched hive of scum and villainy. And these are my kind of scum.

My dad and I had an Imperial entanglement after trying to bootleg some footage of Cowboys and Aliens, which rocked the audience's socks off.

Thor fans or LARPers? Either way, these are my people!

The highlight of the day was meeting Elvira. Maybe there's still time to get her t-bird a cameo in Cars 2 and have her come in to do the voice!

It's no secret that I am the real Batman. Need evidence? Here I am with the original Catwoman, Lee Meriwether.

Lee as everyone's favorite cat-burglar. She looks purrr-fect, doesn't she?

The hotness continued with girls of Femme Fatales. I have no idea what the show is about, but I'm already a fan.

Some Pixarians enjoying a break from the nerdiness.

At the end of the day, I considered joining the League of Calamitous Intent.

But why serve a Monarch, when you can rule as one?


Carrie Liao said...

I love this page!

And with a name like "Jurassic Parkour" (PARKOUR!) I can't wait for the next one :)

Ev said...

Dude... why is your other hand suspiciously hidden in that picture with Elvira?

Ryan Green said...

My favorite page so far. Love that loooooong drop, then the underwater mood with the plesiosaur. Very nice!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Awesome!! This page is so much fun!

Munchanka said...

Carrie- Thanks! I actually wish I'd thought of the pun before I drew the page, it would have pushed me to exaggerate the panels even more.

Ev- My other hand is checking "Meet Elvira" off my bucket list.

Ryan- Thanks man. Drawing these panels definitely made me want to do an entire oceanic comic.

Megan- Thanks! Next time I see you will probably be at SDCC when we'll have it in print! :)

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Book looks great!

intergalactic said...

Great pics Austin, especially the pic of you and I know what 3 boobs look like!


Zane Yarbrough said...

ha austin these photos are great, i missed out for sure next year i will have to go to wonder con. loving the comic pages they are looking really solid!

Ben Adams said...

Im lovin that Henchmen picture you got!

Munchanka said...

Octavio- Thanks man!

Ira- Yes, one of those boobs is not like the others.

Zane- You should! It's like SDCC-lite. There are few enough people that you can actually hold a conversation with guests like Cassandra Peterson and Lee Meriweather.

Why Edward Juan? said...

Oh doctor girlfriend....