Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The official TR!CKSTER website is up. TR!CKSTER is an alternative venue for creators and fans to interact one-on-one, and for new independent art to get its chance in the sun. Up and coming artists will be able to learn from industry vets how to get their work published and fans will get a chance to talk to their favorite creators. If you're in San Diego July 19-23rd (I hear it's a popular time to visit), swing by and join the mischief.

Above is Mike Mignola's cover for our limited edition book, 1000 copies of which will be exclusively available at TR!CKSTER. The book also features art by:

Jason Shawn Alexander
Mike Allred
Laura Allred
Marc Andreyko
Jamie Baker
Scott Campbell
Enrico Casarosa
Emma Coats
Josh Cochran
Jennifer Chang
Dave Crosland
Jim Demonakos
Francesco Francavilla
Jose Garibaldi
Robert Goodin
John Hoffman
Mike Huddleston
Joelle Jones
Matt Jones
J.P. Kalonji
Kazu Kibuishi
Andy Kuhn
Brian Larsen
David Mack
Austin Madison
Jim Mahfood
Ted Mathot
Mike Mignola
Fabio Moon
Scott Morse
Sho Murase
Steve Niles
Jeff Pidgeon
Paul Pope
Bill Presing
Steve Purcell
Jamie S. Rich
Justin Ridge
Bobby Rubio
Greg Rucka
Greg Ruth
Yuko Shimizu
Bill Sienkiewicz
Eric Skillman
Dave Stewart
Doug Tennapel
Craig Thompson
Derek Thompson
Jill Thompson
Nate Wragg
Bernie Wrightson
Craig Yoe
Skottie Young

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


Zachary said...

okay i know this is totally lame, but can someone please explain what tr!ckster is! im so confused, is it like afterworks?

Munchanka said...

Hey Zachary, TR!CKSTER is actually it's own mini-convention aimed at up and coming comic creators. It will be a place for new artists to mingle with industry vets and get tips on how to produce their own work.

Zachary said...

I want to go to there!