Monday, February 06, 2012

Han Rolo

My brother, Andy, and I were more excited about the Star Wars VW commercial than the Superbowl, so we brought Star Wars-themed snacks to our friend's Superbowl party.

"Luke, we're gonna have company!"

We used Think Geek's Han-in-Carbonite ice trays and hired mercenaries to keep strict supervision over the molding process.

"Put Captain Rolo in the Chocolate Mold."

Aside from being delicious, the molds also look fairly authentic. Here's a Han Rolo next to an actual vinyl Han-in-Carbonite. By the end of the process, Andy and I felt like regular Dartha Stewarts!

"Who you callin' crunchy lookin'?"

Warning: if you eat too many, you may begin to suffer from hibernation sickness and temporary blindness.

20 days...

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Megan Nicole Dong said...

Hah! This is pretty darn awesome!