Thursday, April 26, 2012


Every now and then, working at Pixar gets a little surreal. Standing in front of a giant lamp and fictional vehicle, with a mini stone henge looming in the distance is one of those moments.

We also have the Brave wrap party coming up, so naturally everyone's getting fitted for kilts, provided by St Kilda USA.

As always, accessories make the man. And no kilt is complete without a quality sporran. The selection on the left is dire wolf fur, I believe.

And, finally, the formal jacket. Brah brecht, moonlit necht tonecht!!


Kendra Melton said...

YESSSSS! this makes me so happy. I hope everyone has the courage to sport the kilt. oh that will be glorious! :D

Diego Guanzon said...

Direwolf fur you say? I was wondering what they did with Lady after Ned put her down.

Patrick Stannard said...

What a Bonnie Prince Charlie Coatee. :)

If I can make it out there sometime, I may have to bring my wool kilt.