Friday, September 14, 2012

Languid Jack-O-Lanterns

Last week, I challenged the Twitterverse to board a four-panel sequence illustrating the theme, "Languid Jack-O-Lanterns." I strayed pretty far from the actual meaning of 'languid,' but the sequence was fun to board, none the less. Enjoy! 

SFX: Footsteps 

SFX: Creaky door

Sally: "Jack, are you okay? I noticed your most recent Jack-O-Lanterns are looking a"

Jack: "I haven't had much time for pumpkin carving, Sally. You see, I've discovered a new enthralling holiday..."

Jack: "FLAG DAY!"

If you'd like to participate in this weekend's four-panel challenge, the theme is "Tournament Squirrels."

1 comment:

Jingo said...

This almost has "Pixar short" written all over it!