Thursday, February 21, 2008

The thing I love about dinosaur artists is that they feel very deeply about their work. Here's a poem from artist Douglas Henderson.

Stooped weary over outlined forms,
To bring alive on paper blanks,
Extinguished zoos I miss and mourn,
That give me not a single thanks.

Cold their hearts those ancient saurs,
That proofed the world with reptile stare
And if regarded from afar,
Could something be more unaware?

This reverie of deepest time,
May prove a Recent dream absurd,
Wandering in doodled pine,
In hopes of fetching some warm word.

1 comment:

Vi-Dieu Nguyen said...

This is a cool image... I love the "Dinosaur Island" theme. You should poll for favorite dinosaur - my vote naturally goes to the ankylosaurus!