Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yahoo movies has posted the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and though the footage looks cool, the trailer itself is pretty lousy. How do you open up an Indiana Jones trailer with anything other than John Williams? Blasphemy!


Jeremy Spears said...

Hey buddy how the heck are ya. I'll try to get in on the next Chades, they've been cracking the whip around here, not much extra time.

Oh I agree about the trailer, my oppinion is we didn't really need an emotional recap of Indy, they at least should have used the Ark theme ...start it off mysteriously. Oh and they cut the music short at the end of the trailer too, what were they thinking Mr. Madison, really.

On a positive note, the film looks great. It's going to be a fun summer at the movies for sure.

Oh I still have your Batman Returns CD, it's safe and sound, I gotta get that back to you sorry man!

later animator

samacleod said...

YES! I saw the trailer because of your link! Amazing. I almost overloaded. I kept saying "sugar" for some reason. The trailer was like "sugar" to me. Maybe what I meant to say was "Eye candy" but it just came out "sugar".

Awesome. I am super excited. As long as there isn't a scene where Indy dies and puts his hat on Shaya saying "You have to carry my...adventures." But yeah man, that shadow of him putting the hat on...and man, talk about theme songs, what a rush! I loved seeing him fly into that windshield between the nazi's too. Can't wait.

samacleod said...

Oh yeah, I agree with jeremy, no need for the recap. I hate that about trailers for sequels, they put in those lame recaps, "First Woody fought Buzz, then they worked together against a common enemy, now they take on the world, TOY STORY 3, the adventures continue in a theater near you."

They should have had voices with a black screen, "You're a teacher?" "Only part-time."
Cue the Raiders theme and footage.

Josh (musarter) said...

The new Indiana looks like it could be great, But so did the Star Wars Episode I trailers. I fear for Mr. Jones that Lucas may make a travisty of the franchise.
Yes, I will see it and probably enjoy it. It's kind of like the 11th commandment: Thou shall watch Indiana Jones and like it.

Dusenberry said...

Yeah ... could'a done without the little intro - but the rest of it I thought looked fairly promising.

Did you notice, however that in the american version of the trailer, they did a terrible after effects-y "censor" in the shot where Indy and Ray Winstone are at gunpoint?
Check out Indy's pocket, Ray's pants and the dude right behind ray who is split in half.

Stupid MPAA.