Friday, May 02, 2008

Chades Challenge XII: hairy gods

I'm not sure if Medusa's powers work on gods, but for the sake of this drawing, let's say they do. More heavenly hirsuteness at these fine blogs:
Leo "Thunderballs" Matsuda
Vi-Dieu "God-o-War" Nguyen
Bobby "Loki Pokey" Pontillas
Next week: more hairy gods!


Highflyin' V said...

AWWWWESOME. I always loved the story of Medusa, and deadly sirens in general. The scales are on her voluptuous thy is a nice touch.

Tool said...

From his face, it doesn't look like Zeus knew if her powers worked on the gods either.

Josh (musarter) said...

Nice hairy Gods. I was considering something Medusa too, but I was too busy this week to slip anything in. Maybe next time.

I really like the expression on Zeus. You also utilized some great textures. Great Characters.

Leo Matsuda said...

Awesome!!! I really love the rock texture in the God. His expression is funny too. Enjoy Medusa!

Emma said...

Hahaha! The expressions are fantastic!

Ryan said...

Oh crap, I missed this one! I can still post one this friday?

Munchanka said...

Vi-yeah, Medusa is awesome, and I'm glad the scales look okay. I think they could be a little less photoshoppy.

Tool-Thanks man, I redrew that face more than once ;)

Josh-I hope you contribute this week, your stuff is always nice and illustrative. I need to draw more environments like you do. I've abused the 'drop shadow' quite enough.

Leo-Thanks man, I need to push my designs like you do, your stuff is amazing.

Emma-no YOUR expressions are fantastic!

Ryan-sure man, we always take these challenges for two fridays. This week we'll post round two of the gods and declare the next challenge.

Thanks everyone, sketch greatly!

Josh (musarter) said...

I got me a hairy god.

Moro Rogers said...

The scales look nice and subtle, I don't think they're too photoshoppy.^^