Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chades Challenge XII: Hairy Gods, Week 2

More hairy gods from these mighty immortals:
Vi-Dieu Nguyen
Moro Rogers
Bobby Pontillas
Josh Billings
Leo Matsuda

In other news, the first round of Rock'n'Poll tallies are in, looks like there were some last minute steals.
Greatest oldies rock'n'roll song: Elvis Presley's Hound Dog
Greatest heavy metal song: Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills
Greatest psychedelic song (tie): Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, The Rolling Stone's Paint It Black

Thor was pretty enraged that Immigrant Song, Led Zeppelin's ode to the Norse gods, was snubbed.

If these titles enrage you, make sure your voice is heard in this week's polls (make sure to choose one each): hard rock, progressive rock, and glam metal.


Josh (musarter) said...

Nice kitty and no, I did not know Mars was a kitten. I am glad you did not put him in a Spartan Speedo.

I also liked Oden's face, he was undoubtedly hairy among hairy gods.

We will have to see how the votes swing this week.

Highflyin' V said...

I want to see those lightning bolts animated by an effects that one guest artist who worked on the Power Puffs Girl movie.

Leo Matsuda said...

Nice!!! This is a crazy powerfull God! Awesome expression too!!!

Q/Minkyu said...

Austin that cat drawing is freakin awesome.

Alex said...

Amazing drawings!!!

flaviano said...

i always enjoied the challenge but never had the time to do something. now is time to join the chades!
great work everyone, really creative and funny!
hope my piece like it

lorelay bove said...

Oh! that little cat is adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that cat is not very nice at all. dogs are better.

Josh (musarter) said...

I am enjoying the rock music voting but I must remind you of a song that is arguable the best new wave song and has been voted best song of the 80's by many radio stations: How Soon Is Now, The Smiths. Blue Monday by New Order is also a classic.

cesar97 said...

Your character designs are excellent. The styles are very cool too. Could you maybe give any of us beginners some advice about how to go about it? Any recommended books or advice on how to go about designing a character?
p.s. whats you favorite comedy of all time? (just curious)

Munchanka said...

Thanks Cesar!
First thing's first, the greatest comedy of all-time would have to go to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, if only for Ed Rooney and his assistant Grace.

Thank you very much for the compliments. The most important advice I have for young character designers is to study life, and caricature it. The greatest designs have kernels of truth.
I also focus on simple graphic shapes, like this kitten who is essentially a flour-sack with a cape.
My friend, Nate Wragg, whose blog you can find in my links section, is amazing at pushing characters into bizarre, funny shapes. The point is to illustrate their personality, and make them as unique as possible.
Great designers/draftsmen to look at (though you truly must develop your own style)
Chuck Jones
Ronald Searle
Edward Gorey
Gary Larson
Bill Watterson
Chris Sanders
Ronnie del Carmen
Iain McCaig
Frank Frazetta
Nicolas Marlet

So study life, push your shapes, oh yeah! And make sure to put some story into your drawings. Where have they come from? What are they doing? Who are they with? This can inform your character's body language and facial expression, and really enhance any design.

flaviano said...

great advices!
you forgot Non Seqitur's Wiley!!!!

cesar97 said...

Thanks for the advice, very helpful!
I will check out Ferris (and nates blog), I haven't seen them yet. Have a good weekend! :D

Heidi Smith said...

HA HA!!! That kitten is freaking awesome!!!