Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been a long time, but the Chades Challenge is back, with an assignment as challenging as ever. How does one depict a paranoid suit of over-sized mechanical armor? That's up to you brilliant folks to figure out. Since I'm posting late in the week, I'll give you guys till next Friday (March 20) to post your mechas. Sketch greatly!

In other AustinTranslation news, the rivalry poll is over. I was surprised to find how few of the matches were even close. Apparently, the best rivalries are Alien vs. Aliens (20-17, winner: Alien), Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero (18-15, winner: Scorpion), Marianne vs. Ginger (19-16, winner: Marianne), and Kirk vs. Picard (18-14, winner: Picard). Conversely, the hugest shut-out was paper vs. plastic (34-5, paper). I guess we've got a lot of rainforest haters out there (kidding, folks). As for the other rivalries:

Cats or Dogs? Dogs
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Calvin and Hobbes or Far Side? Calvin and Hobbes
Yeti or Sasquatch? Yeti
Beatles or Stones? Beatles
Marvel or DC? Marvel
Mac or PC? Mac
Flight or Invisibility? Flight
Fortune or Glory? Glory
Montegues or Capulets? Montegues
Democrat or Republican? Democrat
Tyrannosaurus or Velociraptor? Velociraptor
Original Star Wars trilogy or Prequels? Original (And I think we can all agree that Han shot first)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their votes. Having just returned from a heavily Disney-laden vacation, I'm curious which of the Disneyland attractions is truly the most popular. Make sure to have your voice heard once again in this week's poll: What is your favorite Disneyland attraction?


Nate said...

Well shit, count me in from now on on the chades challenges. This one will be tough, but just gives me a chance to watch transformers again for more inspiration, you loved that movie right?

Team Diana said...