Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hold on a second, who's that? It's the one man who can literally hold on to a second, THE TEMPORALIST! This evil genius is head of global criminal organization WOE, and public enemy number one to the citizens of Star City. The full extent of his powers are not completely understood, but he seems to be able to separate himself from time, causing the world around him to freeze while he slinks about altering his environment as he sees fit.

The fearsome foursome, clockwise from left: Voltz, Mungo Man, the Temporalist, Landslide.

"How hot would you like it, Mr. T?"

Bloggers of the World Organization of Evil:
Josh Billings
Everett Downing
Emma Coats


Josh (musarter) said...

These are all great.

I accepted the challenge and I have a WOE character that I think you will like.

Q/Minkyu said...

Dude, WOE sounds awesome!

Fabián Fucci said...

Very inspiring characters! I like their descriptions.

Khylov said...

I really dig on the yellow highlighting in the last sketch. I wonder how that'd look as shading w/ sketchier pieces.

And hats off to V for getting the Mungo reference.

Nate said...

My only question is, how will lamp guy deal with such a hostile group, sounds dangerous.