Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hog Warts
I recently discovered a breed of prehistoric pig-wolves called entelodonts. Well, I didn't discover them, I learned about their existence. Below is the aptly named Daeodon, or "terrible hog". Why they chose to use a frightened bikini girl for size reference, I have no idea. Maybe daeodons were also chauvinist pigs.

Below is Andrewsarchus, my new favorite non-dinosaur animal.

These guys reminded me of the wargs from Lord of the Rings, so I thought it'd be fun to sketch my version of a warg-rider. He had to be someone real nasty who looked like he'd be right at home riding a Daeodon into battle or wrestling an Andrewsarchus into submission. Here's what I came up with.

If this guy existed during primeval times, he'd certainly give cro-magnon man a run for his money. For the colors, I googled "mottled" and found this cool texture. It has all the earthy greens and browns you'd associate with an orc. Thanks to Photoshop's eyedropping color-sampler, I was able to use this as a direct palette, and it worked pretty well!


Erik Benson said...

I paid close attention in science class and I can tell you the bikinius asiatic, common name: asian chick in a bikini roamed the earth the same time as the Daeodon.

bonequinhoda bic said...

Coooooool :)

D.P. said...

Austin, that image of Dinohyus (not Andrewsarchus) back in 2009 is from the 1986 book, Giants of Land, Sea and Air - Past and Present by David Peters. The book can be seen in its entirety here:


Probably not a good idea to claim copyright to that particular image, but feel free to use it anyway.

Keep in touch.


D.P. said...

My bad.
Let's add a .com to that davidpetersstudio website: