Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm a huge fan of Halloween and Christmas, so after October 31st I'm always tempted to skip Thanksgiving and bust out the holly and Christmas albums. This year, however, I'm taking the time to give the often-overlooked turkey day its due and really reflect on all the things I should be thankful for.

These are just the top five.

1. The lessons of Jesus Christ, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Yoda
2. Flavored coffee creamers
3. Control-Z
4. Audio Commentaries
5. Somewhere, somehow John Williams is still making music

And thank you for stopping by!


Bill Robinson said...

You should donate this pic to Purrcasso! There's still time! :D

Chris Palmer said...

Great sketch!

I feel the same way.

So I figured this year, I am thankful for... Christmas. Tree went up in my house two days ago. It looks great and makes the season last longer.

ZaR said...

Awesome post Austin!

Khylov said...

Happened across some Gustave Dore
available for download while on my free soundtrack/OST adventures. (Scroll down.) Lots of pics in decently sized res.

Ryan Green said...

Control-Z!! Yes!

Josh (musarter) said...

What would we all do without control z? This alone may have stopped the final judgment on a few occasions.

I am thankful for your blog.