Monday, May 10, 2010

Frank Frazetta
February 9. 1928-May 10, 2010

News of my hero's passing is a sobering way to start the week. Frank Frazetta forged modern fantasy art and created some of the most striking images in illustrated history. To me, Frazetta is more of a genre than a name.

Like Tolkien and Harryhausen, he handled fantasy with the same reverence and care as a documentarian. I wonder if he knew of some far off region where he could go and study titans and trolls in their native environment. I can picture him astride a drawing horse, perched on the edge of a mountain precipice, carefully sketching a horde of orcs as they went about their daily routine in the valley below.

Much of my artwork (like the smiley fellow below) is inspired by Frazetta. The man stoked the creative fires of fantasy nerds all over the world and I hope that, wherever he is now, they have a large supply of acrylic and plenty of well-endowed amazonians for reference.


Bill Breneisen said...

What a loss...have you ever seen the documentary about him, Painting with Fire? Highly recommended!

Side note: I found your website after watching your student films...they are fantastic. And I like your drawings, too.

Josh (musarter) said...

I did not know he passed. His art is amazing and inspirational. He had exceptional way of blending fantasy with reality and exagerating reality, proportions, light, etc., to make great compositions.

jonnadon said...

sooo sad :C

Munchanka said...

Bill- Thanks, man. Hopefully, I'll have some new filmwork up soon. Your stuff looks great, too. Lots of solid acting.

Josh- Frazetta compositions are the best. I love how the hero usually has his back to us, so that we are seeing things from his perspective.

Jon- Definitely is. Sadness for monster- and dino-lovers everywhere.