Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Battle Toads
A rough design of a new logo for my friend Dave's company, Dueling Arts San Francisco. I don't think snakes, owls, or frenchmen will be messing with these frogs any time soon.

Dave's a fan of frogs, so he asked me to simply revise the current banner for DASF's mother company, Dueling Arts International (below), with slightly more amphibious combatants.

This is an actual illustration from an old fighting manual. I'm not sure what the rules to naked fighting were, but I know slapping someone in the face with your genitals was considered a challenge to a nude-duel.

Here are the frogs who had great auditions, but didn't quite make the cut:

This guy does a fantastic George Lucas impression, but he was ultimately too pompous and very difficult to work with.

We really wanted to use these gentlemen. They're qualified fighters with great chemistry. Unfortunately, they were caught by an elementary school class and dissected the day before the shoot.

Geoff here brought his own weapons from home and gave quite a vigorous audition. I don't think he understood that we were doing stage combat.

This guy was an excellent fighter, but a bit of a drama queen. He kept hamming it up for camera and demanded his own trailer. An entire trailer for a frog? I don't think so.


Alex Chechik said...

Fantastic swordsman characters! The last one is my favorite.

Claire said...

Funny! I like the one with his throat puffed out. Also now I want to go play Battle Toads on Sega.

Chris Palmer said...

So cool! I love these.

Bella Sinclair said...

I see you preserved the nude element. These are awesome amphibians with loads of personality. The new logo is going to be fabulous!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, by the way, I love the title of your blog. Hahaha! Very clever. :)