Monday, June 07, 2010

Support the Arts
Shawn Sullivan's animation program at Sheldon High School got me where I am today (which isn't too shabby of a place at all). Unfortunately, that program is in dire need of funding. You can help out by going to and voting for this horribly embarrassing film. This is actually the first piece of animation I ever did, way back in my Freshman year of high school.

The film may not look like much, but student films like this pave the road for young artists to become animators. Please take a moment to vote for Sheldon's program so that Shawn can keep mentoring future filmmakers. Thank you!

Other Sheldon High alumni:
Ben Adams
Tyler Decker
Sean Taylor
Ethan Hegge
Darrell Watson
Glenn Williamson


Anonymous said...

cough cough

Munchanka said...

Yeah, not a lot of response to this post. Maybe I'll stick to posting NEW work.

Anonymous said...

lol, no no mr. madison, cough, i'm an alumni, cough, too. cough no need to post this one.

Munchanka said...

Why, Ethan, I have no idea what you mean.

Ben Adams said...

Haha I totally remember this film! I'm up to 3 votes a day now. Go Huskies! Thanks for the plug too man.