Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Micro Rex
Part VI: The Ill-Fated King

Alas, our little tyrant lizard king becomes part of the circle of life. On the bright side, those Anhanguera hatchlings are going to grow up big and strong, with such a good mom hunting for them!

This is the sixth of six pieces for the Super Big Micro Show, which opens Saturday at the Gallery Nucleus. Thanks for following the tragic tale of Micro Rex, and for all of the positive feedback.

Speaking of Pixar (how's that for a forced transition?), my friend Chris Chua and I have an interview on latest episode of Derrick Clements' The Pixar Podcast.

Tune in to learn why Walt Disney is like the Death Star and how Pen Ward and JG Quintell instigated an animation lockdown during our CalArts days.

17 days...


Jay said...

Go little Rex! Fight your way out!

Sam Gilmore said...

Wow. Dude. That's dark. I'd still buy the book. BTW I wish I had the dough-ri-mi to fund a book, but alas I'm in a budget deficit. :(

Ryan Green said...

Love it. I wanted to get to the Nucleus show on opening night, but it turns out I'm contracted to go see Michael Buble the same night. :\ I'll have to head over to Alhambra later in the week, I guess.

Munchanka said...

Jay- haha, that's awesome. Who knows, maybe he'll make it!

Sam- thanks, man. I'm contributing a dino-story to Afterworks III. It's a compilation of stories from Pixar artists in graphic novel form.

Ryan- Hey, Ryan Buble is no bad way to spend an evening. You may even become a star:

Catherine Hicks said...


Excellent work, Austin!