Monday, December 13, 2010

A Very Pixar Christmas
The Super Big Micro Show

Hello readers, it's been quite a weekend! Events kicked off Friday evening with Pixar's improv group, the Improvibles and our "A Very Pixar Christmas" show.

Poster by esteemed storyman Chris Roman (the youngest one in curls).

The show included everything from a Rankin Bass animated skit (a moving people game where Don and I were "animated" by an audience member) to an original carol about the Christmas tree catching fire and the warm glow of "Christmas cheer" (flames) spreading to the neighbors' houses.

The Improvibles gather for their annual Christmas Card photo

After the show, it was a straight drive down to LA for the Super Big Micro Show, organized in part by my pal and fellow Sacramentan Jeremy Spears (seen here with my favorite piece in the gallery).

Jeremy can bearly contain himself.

I also had the pleasure of meeting long-time Chades Challenger, Zane Yarbrough, who is interning two doors down from Gallery Nucleus at Bolt City Productions.

Chades Challengers unite.

I'm happy to report that all of my pieces sold, so even though Micro Rex met an untimely end, he will always be remembered. Here is the final Micro Rex series, in all of its framed glory.

A Visit from Mr. Odonata

Shoo, Fly!

Dino Soars

First Kill

Rex on the Beach

The Ill-Fated King

12 days...


Chris Silva said...

Congrats Austin!! The show turned out awesome and your pieces were freaking great! It was cool to see you again and maybe we'll run into you at the end of January when I'm up there for graduation.

Josh (musarter) said...

This series is amazing. Super work. Congrats on the sell out show.