Sunday, September 25, 2011


"He's looking at me, Ray."

Slimer may not be "feral" in the wilderness sense, but he's not your typical domestic specter, either. Really, I'm just excited about the upcoming theatrical rerelease of Ghostbusters. Plus, Slimer is fun to draw.

If you have any feral spirits, let me know and I'll post them below. Otherwise, you can join us October 7th for:


36 days...


Tim Luecke said...

Awesome Slimer--I love the grin and the eyelashes (those might actually be wrinkles, but I really like the idea of Slimer starring in a Mascara ad).

Here's my mind always goes straight to Eisner when I hear any mention of "spirit," so that explains my rather quirky sketch. Hope you like it!

Austin Reinkens said...

Freakin cool Ghostbusters Theme!
I'm working on some mythology stuff and i just happened to be working on two animal based trickster gods, Coyote and Raven, and thought, "you know they're kinda feral? why not." So here's the url.

froggie is... said...

the darker side of tea parties! "-)
ty for letting me play, austin!

Unknown said...

Thanks for such a strong showing this week, guys!

Tim- they are, indeed, eyelashes. Gotta balance some of the deplorable with a bit of adorable.

Austin- I don't mind a double-dipper, these are great! I like the cultural patterns, as well.

Colleen- I love this one! It's great that regular Alice is still "creepy". The bloody paw prints are a nice touch, too!

Brilliant, as always, Chades Challengers!

Zane Yarbrough said...

Hey Austin, made sure I didnt miss this one. love the slimer haha. mine is on my blog hope you like it!