Monday, October 10, 2011

Breath of Embers

8x10, watercolor and ink

These are the pieces did for the Breath of Embers show at Gallery Nucleus. The pieces are available for sale at the store website

8x10, watercolor and ink

Dragons are infamous for snatching fair maidens from their castle towers. While it's true that maidens are a wyrm's favorite meal, they are far and few between. A plump aurochs is the most plentiful prey, particularly for the Draconis Dreadlochsi, or common Scottish Dreadloch. 

"Smoking Barrel"
8x10, watercolor and ink

These plein air paintings, drawn on the spot in actual dragon territory, attempt to capture the behavior of the common Dreadloch in his natural environment. It took a while for the farmer and I to coax a dragon close enough to my easel for me to paint, but the art was well worth the wait! 

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