Monday, October 31, 2011

The Monster Squad

My friends and fellow improvisers, Christian Roman and Don Schmidt, joined me for this year's costume contest. We went as younger versions of the Universal Monsters applying for a transfer to Monsters University. No word yet on the status of our application.

Yet another improviser, Kitt Hirasaki, about to get a nasty hickey from Drac. Someone should have told the count that "Nein" means "Nein!"

Super villains unite! Dark Helmet and Magneto were both entirely hand-made. Magneto may be able to move metal, but Drac can move Halloween merchandise!

If you have any pics of your Halloween brilliance and/or atrocities, please leave a comment below! If not, enjoy those raisins and smarties!

0 days...Happy Halloween!

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Courtney Pearson said...

Nice costumes you guys! Happy Halloween!