Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

And Happy Hauntukkah to my BOO!ish friends! My ghoulfiend Heather's birthday is October 29th, and we both love Halloween, so this gave me the perfect excuse to paint something spooky for the bewitching young lady.

Here we are with our Jacques-O-Lantern and Drac-O-Lantern. Drac seems to be suffering a severe allergic reaction to that garlic.

Poison Ivy's got a brand new sidekick, and he seems to have some sort of fungal infection.

Anyone can pull off a cool Batman costume, but it takes a real man to rock a Robin. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have a stone-cold fox of a Poison Ivy.

 "Holy venus fly traps, Batman!" 

Hope you guys had as much horribly haunting fun as we did this Halloween! Now time to dust off those ugly Christmas sweaters...



Carrie Liao said...

adorably spooky post :)

Hannah Tuohy said...

So cute! Great work! Happy Halloween!