Friday, October 05, 2012


Pegomastax ("strong jaw"), possibly a distant relative to Count Orlok and Lestat, has been discovered just in time for Halloween.  Since Pegomastax predates bats, my theory is that he turned into an Anurognathus.

Despite the gruesome appearance, Pegomastax was most likely omnivorous, meaning the most Halloweeny part of his diet was candy corn (which you can use to fashion your own set of Pegomastax fangs).

With massive canines, quills, and a sweet chicken comb, it's no surprise this guy is already generating a lot of paleo-art:

Life-sized bust by Tyler Keillor
26 days...


Evan Boucher said...

Being a paleo-savvy guy, I'm sure you are aware of this already - but just passing along for any readers taking away that Anurognathid pterosaurs were vampiric:


Matt Justice said...

Thats the most horrifying thing I've seen in a while.

Hannah Tuohy said...

So awesome!! Candy corn eating dines are the best!