Monday, March 31, 2008

Results of last week's poll: Which summer blockbuster are you most looking forward to?
The Dark Knight 42%
Indiana Jones IV 38%
Iron Man 15%
Speed Racer 5%
Hellboy II 0%
The Incredible Hulk 0%

I drew this a few days ago when Indiana Jones IV had a commanding lead, and planned on posting it with a terrible caption like "Indy gives Batman quite the whipping!" Let this be a lesson to all of us: never underestimate the Batman.


Team Diana said...

But what I'm REALLY excited about is Ice Age 3... and you know why that is, right?

Lee-Roy said...

That is a great caricature of the bat!

magnus said...

That's awesome. Let those who doubt Batman, have ASS stamped on there foreheads.

Austin is it cool if I participate in the Chades Challenge? I've been drawing a little but I think this would motivate me to draw more and make better drawings that I would put up on my blog!

Munchanka said...

Sure Brett,
Everyone is welcome to participate in the Chades Challenge, the more the merrier! You can post your mossy hellboy friday, or get an early start for the next challenge: sweaty bikers.

MANDREWS said...

Dark knight 42% bullshit. Its all about IRON MAN baby!!!!
I'll see the hulk before I see Indiana old and crappy Jones!

Mandrews out.

Mike Caracappa said...


I think Batman is the only one I'm looking forward to. I still can't believe George rejected Frank Darabont's script for Indy. That dude's freak'n awesome! Speilberg publically said it was the best thing since "Raiders"!


Neil Graf said...

If you haven't seen Dinosaur Comics yet.. maybe now is the time.
The news below the comic has some intriguing info regarding batman and australia.. !