Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chades Challenge X: Mossy Hellboy
"Eat fist, you swamp...THING!!"

The Challenge:
Chades Challenge homepage

Other Chades Challengers:
Josh Billings
Steve MacLeod (even though he says they're not ready, I say they're awesome!)
Leo Matsuda
Moro Rogers

Next week: more Hellboys! More moss!


Josh (musarter) said...

Very nice. I tried to do one that had Hellboy fighting the actual "Swamp Thing" but mine turned out crap. Your's on the other hand, no pun intended, is awesome.

I posted mine, I hope to see more.

Mike Caracappa said...

Hey Austin,

That swamp monster is badass!
Cool stuff, man. :)

Ronan McDermott said...

Very nice stuff you have here on your blog. I really like the March 12th and 15th pieces.

samacleod said...

Awesome man. Yeah, we gotta get some fun mossyness next week.

Eamon said...

Great blog!

Eamon said...

Sorry, I missed the post below this. Condolences.

Leo Matsuda said...

awesome hellboy! nice pose and the swamp monster is a great villain.

flaviano said...

great shoot, really dynamic!