Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chades Challenge XIII: Mean Orcs

Sorry for the delay, folks. Wish I could say I was busy, but lazy's more like it. Ol' Bogrot here is supposed to be dragging someone behind him, I'll finish this week. More surly savages at the following blogs:
Cody Malick
Josh Billings
Leo Matsuda
Moro Rogers
Rob Thompson

Next week, Chades Challenge XIV: CRIMINAL PYGMIES


Leo Matsuda said...

Hey Austin! This is an amazing design for Orc. I really like the face. The mouth details are so apealling. Great interview too, man!It's nice hearing your point of view regarding how you approach animation.

Moro Rogers said...

Sweet! (I was hoping to do one over the weekend, but I don't have consistent access to scanners and/or Photoshop.-_-)

Q/Minkyu said...

Dude Awesome!
That is definitely one mean orc. I don't know if I would even get the guts to try and beat him in a battle.
Yeah I will whip one up after I recover from the 6 hour drive.
see you tomorrow!

Highflyin' V said...


It's great to see your evolution of using rustic textures and color blending, without taking away the sense that these guys are alive.

You should do a series of postcards out of this!

Alex M. said...

Austin! I'm in San Francisco now, we should go somewhere and draw Orcs. From life. I hear Sausalito has heavily wooded areas and lots of Orcs. I've got a sword and we can give you fey pointed ears and a longbow. Are you in?

Philip Vose said...

hey austin! thanks for your kind words homie :) i like you and your work too. cheers friend! oh, and nice interview.

Josh (musarter) said...

Very nice. The vein texture works very nice here. I also like the hunk back posture and the large hands/feet. Nice work.

Also, great choices for Blues and Soul songs.

Cody Malick said...

yo austin for the next chades what pigmy is it the african tribe people or the mytholical dwarf race

Munchanka said...

Whichever you like, Cody, could even be the breed of marmoset!

Josh (musarter) said...

I got a "Mean Orc" up too; Though a little late. Looking forward to the "Pygmies."

rthompson said...

Dude, you should make him dragging a sack full of Criminal Pygmies. That'll show those Pygmies...