Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dungeons and Shenanigans, Part I
Story sketches from the latest DnD campaign. The first two of the halfling and kobold were drawn by Ms. Coats. Check for weekly updates at Dungeons and Shenanigans. Let the mocking begin.


samacleod said...

These are fantastic! So much fun! (And drawing SHOULD be FUN!!!)

flaviano said...

wow these sketches are great! love the last one!
and love pygmies too, i'm really envious of your way to draw in so 3d way, really solid.
i did a quick one for this chades, hope to find the time to do more for the next!
have good work!

intergalactic said...

Austin Translation...oh, I see what you did there very witty of you.

Just checking in on the old blog to make sure your not in jail.


Highflyin' V said...

The fourth one down made me laugh.

Josh (musarter) said...

I like the dungeons and schenanigans blog. Funny stuff. Sometimes I think the idea of D & D is much cooler than actually playing it.

Munchanka said...

You just haven't played with the right crew.

Captain Ahab. said...

Your drawings have made me eager to get back into D&D!

I'll be starting the first adventure tonight!