Wednesday, June 04, 2008

DTV Interview

Here's an interview with my friend Victor Jimenez from One Dream Studios. I know Vic from highschool, and I'm constantly inspired by his ability to keep creating films and telling stories, so I was more than happy to answer his questions about life, the industry, and everything. Note my intro tune...oh yeah, Star Tours, baby!

For those of you achin' for more interview goodness, here's one of me toothless that I gave to SECC after my Pixar internship in '05. This interview is great because if you pause on any given frame, I look completely deranged. Enjoy!

1 comment:

flaviano said...

wow you're famous!!!
i dont know why i just realize that you are an animator (and i just saw your calarts short, great animation and gag timing). with your drawing skills you could be a good story artist!
you have sun and palms, sh#*t! here is the twentyfirst day of rain, seems to be inside the Crow movie.
keep draw man! see you!