Friday, October 31, 2008

Best. Costume. Ever.
top: Sonoko Konishi as Alec the Bunny, Mach Kobayashi as the G.I.
bottom: still of Alec from Presto, a Pixar animated short by Doug Sweetland

below: commandos stormed the Pixar costume contest stage this year in an effort to save John Lasseter from a sniper. Unfortunately, they were picked off one after another by said assassin. It was up to John to pry a rocket launcher from the cold, dead hands of one of the commandos and destroy the sniper himself. Below are the brave soldiers lost under enemy fire.
from left; me, Dovi Anderson, Emma Coats, and Mach "The Pitbull" Kobayashi.


Jessie said...

Oh. My god. That's amazing.

Jessie said...

Oh my god that's amazing.

Why Edward Juan? said...

you NERDS!!!!!!