Friday, October 10, 2008

Monster Mash Part I
It's always fun to draw monsters, but Halloween sets the atmosphere particularly well. Looking for vampire reference, I stumbled upon this eerie little fellow. The critter's an aye aye,the world's largest nocturnal primate (unless, of course, you count the animator). I think the real thing's still more caricatured than my design!


Highflyin' V said...

This is great. I can see the fingers move around hypnotically.

The thick and thins of the lines are superb.

Favela said...

supposedly if an aye aye points his middle finger at someone, they'll die.

this one looks like he just spotted his victim.

Josh (musarter) said...

That thing is awesome and the drawing is good too. That creature has a very ill-favored look. It's fingers are freakin' awesome.

brigette b said...

That is one seriously ugly animal. It looks like it is balding, but also sticky. Gross.

I like your drawing though!

$ara said...

I refuse to believe that is a real animal. That way, I might still sleep at night. Cool drawing, despite the horrific subject.