Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chades Challenge XVIII: Hostile Troll
My troll is s sea-side cliff-dweller that rides a mutated coconut crab. That's pretty hostile. The drawing lacks clarity due to the dense line mileage and lack of color or tone. Anyone want to do a color pass on this baby? I'll post all of the applicants!
I could do another week of these! Anyone else got any?

More hostile trolls:
Leo Matsuda
Josh Billings


Leo Matsuda said...

hey Austin! great hostile troll, man! I love the coconut crab!!! I've just posted some trolls.

Josh (musarter) said...

Sweet "Hostile Troll." I concur, the crab is a nice random touch.

Munchanka said...

The crab his hardly random, the symbiotic relationship between oceanic cliff-dwelling trolls and crustaceans is well documented!

samacleod said...

You're awesome. It's painful.

Nate said...

Dude, let this continue far into the future, and maybe we should design that side scrolling game together, if it's gonna be good, I'll need someone who crosses more boundries than i can to help me with it. Awesome troll dude, awesome.


PS for some reason when ever I see those damn coconut crabs I feel like I can't breath.

Moro Rogers said...

OMG, coconut crab! They can open tin cans with their claws, doncha know. (PS, sorry I haven't been keeping up with Cha-Des...I'll do the next one.^^)