Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Griffin Story
My friend Josh has been working on little stories with his three-year old son, Griffin. Griffin writes the story and his dad illustrates. Josh posted one of their stories on his blog and welcomed anyone to illustrate a Griffin tale, so I thought I'd take a shot at it. I had one condition: the story had to be about dinosaurs. Fortunately, Griffin was willing to oblige and here's what he came up with!

"Griffin's Dinosaur Story"

"The Apatosaurus is named Potoesaurus and the Triceratops is named Bobby."

"Potoesaurus drinks a full bag of dinosaur orange juice, like a big, big, grasshopper and a big, big, cockroach."

"Bobby bonks stuff."

"Potoesaurus is in my room playing trains."

"Bobby is bonking a watermelon."



Ryan Green said...

They've got a little "good dino, bad dino" goin' on there. Awesome illustrations...and great story, Griffin!

Team Diana said...

I reeeeeeeaaallly like it!

samacleod said...

This is incredibly inspiring Austin. What a cool collaboration. Your drawings are amazing!

Munchanka said...

Thanks guys! If you want to do any illustrations for Griffin, just leave a comment on Josh's blog:

Dave Lebow said...

Fantastic Illustrations. I think you are on your way to becoming a MONSTER book illustrator! My favorite picture is when Bobby breaks the watermelon, but I also really love the one with the dinosaurs feet and the train riding through them as well.
Keep up the incredible invention!
How is the animation at Pixar going? Are you allowed to talk about projects you are involved in?

Josh (musarter) said...

Wow, man. This is awesome. The illustrations are fantastic. Maybe you should do some freelance on the side; if you can. My favorite drawing is of the bugs drinking with the Potoesaurus.

Thanks so much for participating and spreading the word. I will show Griffin the pages on your blog.


Vinny said...

Wow, such beautiful drawings. There is so much life and story in each one.

Christian Robinson said...

This is Incredible! your Illustration are too cool, and the story is quite charming. really great job both of you : )

Brine Blank said...



I really love the artwork you have.I am working my way into the animation buisness. I was wondering if you can check out my blog when you have a chance and comment on my work.

Erik Benson said...

I like this story. Im glad Bobby got to bonk some watermelons. I was rooting for him.