Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Sorry for slacking on the Choose Your Own Drawing Adventure challenge last Friday, I'll post at the end of this week. Last week was dedicated to preparing for a weekend filmshoot. I work with my church's film/video ministry, and we just wrapped principle photography on our second project, Wanted. Here are some stills from the shoot. Unfortunately, we neglected to inform the local law enforcement that we had a fake weapon on set, so the fuzz showed up just to make sure we weren't actually causing havok.

You see, I was co-directing the day's shoot, and I find that packing iron helps to keep the actors "motivated"...

My co-director (and founder of our video ministry), Kerwin Kuniyoshi takes a much more laid-back approach to film-making.

Nathan Cooper played our irascible villain, Snake.

Theresa Donahoe as our snarky "good" samaritan, April.

And here I am with our star, Ellie Wheeler, who is portraying Sarah Rive, our version of the prodigal son. Here we are endorsing dental hygiene.


de aap said...

Here in the Netherlands you would have ended up in jail for that fake gun! (The police actually took the guns of some star wars stormtroopers at some convention just a couple of weeks ago :))

Khylov said...

But see, Stormtroopers in Western Europe... there's a history there already. That's like asking Bavarian men with small mustaches to parade around Jerusalem.