Friday, September 04, 2009


Cruising through an azure field
Visage grim with scars half-healed
Huntress of the darkened deeps
Silently she stalks and reaps

Faintly now, she feels a tickle
On her nose, the slightest prickle
Blood and sweat like caramel
Splashes ring like dinner bells

Far above, the huntress spies
A silhouette against the sky
Furious is her ascent
Tail churning as gills vent

Teeth roll forth, all set to bite
Eyes roll back, a milky white
The sea erupts 'neath swimming prey
Huntress flies through crimson spray

Jaws lock, flesh rends, the screams begin
Sea swells, blood wells, the screaming ends
Down she pulls her fresh attack
Shark and man, into the black.


Aaron Hartline said...

any chance we get to see some of your children's book sketches Austin??

Im still thinking about the 3 different scenerios you talked about in the gym.

French Blast said...

Have you written this poem?

jacks said...

Great drawing!

Munchanka said...

Aaron-that's strictly confidential (I'll bring some sketches by your office Tuesday)

French Blast-yep, I wrote it last weekend at a coffee shop before church. Why I had sharks on the brain, I do not know.

Jacks-thanks man. Your blog is awesome!