Friday, October 23, 2009

Aloha! Sorry for the grievous lack of posting, I just got back from vacation in Hawaii. I went with family, including my Grandpa Bill, who used to surf with the legendary Duke Kahanamoku.

I was inspired by my grandpa's stories of hot-dogging and hangin' ten with the Duke, and couldn't help but fire-up my imagination while surrounded by the tropical hillsides and rainforests of Jurassic Park. I'm definitely ready to plunge back into work, reinvigorated with my cup filled to the brim with creative juices.

There's a lot to be said about hard work, and that's certainly the only way to get better at animating. But as I heard Brad Bird himself once say, "You've got to have a life to create the illusion of life."

I've got some serious post-creating to do, but while you wait for the next Chades Challenge (I'm, what? Two behind?), here's some creative nourishment for you to chew on!

Symphony of Science


dogimo said...

No one ever has to apologize for going to Hawaii!

Of course, depending on the situation, for coming back from Hawaii an apology might be in order.

Tom Jones said...

Just looking back through your blog - that dinosaur story is ace!!

Great work!

Ryan Green said...

Glad you had time to relax... GET TO WORK! I'd like to see some more drawings. :)

Mike Caracappa said...
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