Monday, March 29, 2010

He Man. He Angry Cyborg Man.

I love betting, but I also usually lose, so my favorite stakes for any wager is a drawing. If you win, you get an awesome piece of customized art, and if you lose, you get to draw! (Hopefully your friend doesn't force you to draw yourself in a humiliating position).

Here's a drawing I've owed Vi for quite a while. You can't be too upset about losing a bet when it means you get to draw He-Man fighting Trap Jaw.

So if you're low on cash, but you still love the thrill of a good wager, make a drawing bet!


Comic Book Blogizine said...

I am willing to make a bet... What do you think? What do you bet on? huh?huh?huh

igriega said...

betcha I can't draw (-_^) heh!