Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

The final Toy Story 3 poster was released today. In case any of you were expecting the same ol' same ol', here's fourteen new characters to prove otherwise (can anyone spot the Luxo ball?). Many of my favorite new toys were designed by the famed yeti-tracker (and my good pal), Nate Wragg. I actually snuck a background tertiary character design into the film, so I'm particularly excited! Can't say much more until June 18...well, I could but I'd have to kill you all, and that would be an awful lot of tracking to do.


Team Diana said...

FINALLY a Pixar film with a unicorn!

I'm pretty excited about this :)

Munchanka said...

Yep, and finally another dinosaur toy! Say Diana, what's up with your blog? No more posts? :(

Team Diana said...

I'll get back around to it. I'm in a transitional period in my life and so is my blog :P

Nate said...

Thanks for the shout out man, the final designs and models turned out exactly like the designs I did, I'll have to post this poster on my blog. I'm supper stocked that you were able to add to the design of the film as well, it was exciting for me to get to include you in that part, and the work you did looks awesome!! You were the man for the job.



samacleod said...

Yeah, I like the unicorn too. And that porcupine. So cool. Can't wait!