Friday, May 04, 2012

Brave Lectures

Yesterday, I gave animation lectures at San Jose State and Cal. A note to anyone giving a lecture at Cal: don't open with, "Hello Stanford!" I thought I was going to be drawn and quartered for that one.

At San Jose State, I was greeted by members of the Shrunken Head Man Club, the campus's animation collaborative. The group is named after a fortuitous paint spill on one of the department stools.

The students at both campuses were fantastic, and I was more than happy to hang around afterward for questions and drawings. I even signed a few sketchbooks, Pixar postcards, and the odd sweatshirt or two.

These are actual notes for my lecture. How the students gleaned any information from my talk is a mystery.



Simoa said...

Haha! Sounds awesome. If you're ever able to do talks for schools on the east coast, please don't hesitate!

Logan Pearsall said...

I was at the Berkley lecture! Although I'm an Academy student in Visual Development. I was the guy who answered why not having a shark in Jaws made it a great thriller (if you happen to remember).

Thanks so much for the great presentation! Hopefully we'll meet in person someday!

Logan Pearsall said...

oh.... and I TOTALLY knew it was Milt Kahl... and was kicking myself the rest of the night for not shouting it out.

Austin Madison said...

Simoa- thanks! Will do.

Logan- Hey man, thanks for the Jaws input! I really just wanted a reason to show that Jawas poster.

Alex Turner said...

Hey Austin!
My name is Alex Turner and I was the student from SJSU that took a leap of faith to ask if you did the Bigfoot film haha.

I just wanted to say thanks again for coming and giving the lecture/ presentation. It was really cool for me especially to have seen your interview from years ago and then see where you are now (kilts, bagpipes, sword-fighting... TAKE ME WITH YOU)

Anyway, so inspiring! Everyone here loved it, so come back whenever please!!