Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dick Figures on the Big Screen!

My pals Ed Skudder and Zack Keller over at Six Point Harness have wrapped production on the fourth and final season of the international web-sensation/religious experience of a generation, Dick Figures. As with all great series (X-Files, Firefly, Alf), Zack and Ed want to end Dick Figures with a silver screen finale. Preferably in 3D. On IMAX. At theaters with live organ players.

If you share the burning passion that may be gonorrhea, but is most likely an urge to see Dick Figures on the big screen, contribute a buck or two to their Kickstarter account. Pitch in $100 and you even get a free ringtone!

A $10,000 contribution will get you lunch with the creators...

A personal tour of Six Point Harness Studios...

And an original piece of art by Zack and Ed!

So please contribute! Zack and Ed will stare at you till you do.

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