Friday, June 22, 2012

The Bear King

One more highlander for today's Chades Challenge. I couldn't let the day pass without posting a sketch of my favorite Brave character, King Fergus. 

This one's for my cousin Patrick who goes in for surgery next week. I wanted to encourage Patrick to be Brave, and to look on the bright side--at least he's got both legs!

That's Patrick below, on the far left.

As you can see, the kid's got good taste!

0 days...BRAVE premieres today!


Hunter Welker said...

Brave was amazing!! I was thoroughly entertained -- and in awe of the beautiful details. :D

Jeff K said...

Good luck to your cousin, I hope everything works out for him next week.

Brandon said...

Definitely my favorite character too. Loved every moment he was on screen. His facial stuff was amazing! :]

GL to your cousin, surgery can be scary but kids are resilient and I am sure he will take it like a trooper.

Hope summer is treatin' ya well!

Jeff Maka Merghart said...

Saw Brave and went it was done I hid in the bathroom, went back in and watched it again.... and again! That awesome! That beautiful and funny! Wished I was on that crew! Loved it! And your King Fergus is great ;)

Logan Pearsall said...

Just saw Brave yesterday, and I was blown away by the performances your team pulled off. Really brilliant, specific, and genuine character in each member of the cast. Well done. And thank you!